Goals worth struggling to achieve...

Our company is able to remove and dispose of up to 2.500 t of soil per hour. We possess several CAT caterpillar and wheeled excavators, and small excavators for terrain final modification and ground levelling.

We also provide earthworks...

  • Dozers: CAT D4H LGP (12t), CAT D5H LGP (16t), CAT D6H (30t), CAT D6M (25t), CAT D6R (30t)
  • Excavator-loaders: CAT 428B, CAT 428C, CAT 428D
  • Wheel loaders: Case 1845, CAT 236 , CAT 972G (29t), CAT 980F (30t)
  • Caterpillar excavators: CAT 330 CLN (weight 35,3 t, lopata 2,3 m3), CAT 320 BL (20t, bucket 1,4m3), CAT 322 BLN (22t, bucket 1,6m3), CAT 322 CLN (22t, bucket 1,6m3), CAT 325 L (25t, bucket 1,8m3)
  • Wheeled excavators: CAT M318C (weight 18,5 t, bucket 0,4-1,1 m3), CAT 320M (weight 21,5 t, bucket 0,4 - 1,3 m3)
  • Vibratory roller: CAT CS 663E (drum width 2 134 mm, weight 18,8 t)

Just select from the wide offer of our machine park which we can help you with all your needs.


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