Vladimír Dostál – zemní práce a autodoprava Company Having Its Subsidiary in Slovakia

Ing. Marián Hanuska Mr. Marian Hanuska – the professional, who has been engaged in building machine issue for more than 20 years, the former agent of Vladimír Dostál - zemní práce a autodoprava company organizational unit in Slovakia.

Lately the new entity emerged the Slovak earthwork market - Vladimír Dostál – zemní práce a autodoprava company. Could you shortly introduce your company to the readers?
Vladimír Dostál company was founded in 1990 in the Morava region. At first it worked as a small trade company owning a few building machines that provided earth and excavation works. Later on, when more customers occurred, the company was considerably extended. Today it has more than a hundred employees. Its main activities are earth, excavation and demolition works, construction debris recycling and vehicle transport. During the development of the company its machine park was significantly modernized.

Why have you decided to open a subsidiary in Slovakia?
Stavebné strojeFor a long time we have been cooperating with prestigious building companies in the Czech Republic; and we naturally started to provide the supply work for its Slovak daughter companies. Because we want the quality of our services in Slovakia to be the same as in the Czech Republic, we decided to found the organizational unit in Slovakia as well.

What can you offer to your customers as it comes to earthworks?
I can say honestly that there is no service connected to earthworks that we are not able to provide in a comprehensive way. We own modern Cat machines, up to 20 excavators – from backhoe loaders, wheel loaders to heavy excavators. This machinery also includes hydraulic hammers and scissors. That is why we provide the machines not only for building works but also e.g. for the work in the quarry. The dozers are an inevitable part of our machinery as well; today we own eight of them. In addition, to provide the operation services, we use several kinds of loaders – from the small skid steer loaders to heavy CAT 972 and 980 and telescopic loaders. We make our services comprehensive also by using special machinery, e.g.: Komatsu and New Holland graders or vibratory rollers.


A lot of companies consider the transport of material problematic. How does your company deal with this issue?
If we have sufficient capacity, we always try to transport the material by our own means. We own enough trucks 6x6, 8x8 and CAT 330 dumpers to transport the soil and loose material. There are more than 40 machines in our transport machinery. Our equipments also include trailers. Of course, if necessary, we cooperate with reliable supply companies.

To what extent do you provide recycling services?
Recently, the demand for this kind of activity has increased. We have implemented such challenging projects as for instance the Tatra company manufacturing halls demolition, the demolition of Škoda manufacturing halls in Mladá Boleslav, the demolition of Biocel silo in Paskov and others. We use modern Hartl Powercrusher PC 12 and belt loaders with hydraulic hammers and hydraulic scissors for demolitions and construction debris recycling.

How would you define the most important advantage of your company?
We believe that the crucial issue for doing a good business is to provide comprehensive and fast services of high quality to your Drvič customers. We are able to sustain the three shift operation on building sites; and to make our customers fully satisfied, our equipments include cleaning and watering machines, rotating cleaning brushes as well as MB Atego special rigid truck. However, to provide the high quality services, it is also necessary go have a team of first rate and reliable people. That is why taking good care of our employees is our priority. I consider the human resources the biggest treasure of our company. This is what our attitude has always been like.

What do you wish for the next building season?
Our aim is to gain the strong position in Slovak building market. I do believe that our customers will perceive us mainly as a company which always does work of high quality and in time; as a company for which the highest priority is to fulfil an order of its customer as comprehensively as possible.

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Email: info@zemniprace-dostal.sk
Address: Vladimír Dostál, zemní
práce, autodoprava, s.r.o. -
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Ku Bratke 11
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